Driving With A Suspended Or Revoked License

If you've been driving without a valid license, you've been betting on not having a run-in with the police.

Now that you've lost that bet, you need a lawyer experienced in North Carolina's traffic laws and how to help drivers avoid the worst punishments the law allows for. Our Rocky Mount attorneys have developed a reputation for success representing drivers in Edgecombe and Nash counties, and when your driving privileges — and even your freedom — are at stake, we provide legal help you can't afford to go without.

If You Thought Having A Suspended License Was Bad, Getting Caught Driving While Suspended Can Be Even Worse

In North Carolina, driving while license revoked (DWLR) offenses are classified as misdemeanors — but that doesn't mean the punishments can't be crippling.

A conviction for even a first-time DWLR results in an additional one-year suspension of driving privileges. A second offense can result in two years of additional suspension. And if you're convicted three times of driving with a suspended license, your driving privileges can be permanently taken away from you.

Our attorneys can help you by looking for every opportunity to not only reduce the charges you might face, but also minimize the impact of the charges you do end up facing. For example, if you are initially charged with DWLR, there might be ways to get your charges reduced to no operator's license (NOL), which carries less-serious penalties. Our negotiation experience and familiarity with the state's traffic laws mean we won't miss important opportunities to help you avoid the worst from a suspended license arrest.

A side effect of traffic convictions that is easy to overlook is the increase in your car insurance premiums. Investing in qualified legal help can mean dodging a bullet when it comes to potentially skyrocketing insurance payments.

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