Audit & Compliance 

Attorney Stevenson can audit a company's policies to see that all pertinent regulations are being adhered to, and examine whether appropriate systems are in place. This is known as a Compliance Audit. When he identifies an area that needs improvement, a resolution will be suggested.

For example, if a current policy or procedure could be determined non-compliant, and the consultant is of the opinion that the policy presents a liability and could subject you to regulatory penalty, the problem would be brought up in a compliance audit. Measures for improving the policy or procedure and identifying industry best practices would then be recommended. At times, it may be necessary for a follow-up audit to take place, depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

Combined with a legal practice concentrating on NC DMV administrative actions and Auto Dealer regulatory compliance, Attorney Stevenson has over twenty years of executive experience in retail sales, finance, and dealer compliance in North Carolina. A consumer attorney, sales finance operation or an automobile dealer would be hard pressed to find his skill set among other consultants.