DMV Adminstrative Proceedings

You do not sell new cars on a buy here pay here lot, you do not use a sledgehammer to change oil, and you do not get investment or estate planning advice from your shop manager. You pick the right product, tool or best professional for the job.

So when your professional license is in jeopardy, you need an attorney to represent your best interest. NC Safety and Emissions Inspection Station licensee's and NC Motor Vehicle Dealers need an experienced advocate if they have received a notice of charge against their NC DMV license and are subject to a NC DMV Administrative Hearing.

The Administrative Hearing is the only setting where a record is established for your defense in the event your license is subject to suspension or revocation. An Attorney familiar with the Administrative process and statutory limits on NC DMV can guide you through the process and assist in mitigating the possibility of potential fines and suspensions.

Our attorney, R.E."Steve" Stevenson has that experience. He was an Auto Dealer and Auto service provider for over 20 years before he became a lawyer. Since then, Steve has represented Dealers and Inspection Station licensee's across the state through the complex process of both Criminal District Court and Administrative Hearing, Commissioner's Review, Judicial Review in Superior Courts, NC Court of Appeals, and the NC Supreme Court.

Attorney Stevenson has a proven record in NC DMV Administrative proceedings, in some cases obtaining dismissals, or reduced suspensions, or reduced fines, or a stay of suspension.

You do not have to have an attorney represent you, but you do not take a knife to a gun fight either. If your business is subject to a NC DMV Hearing we believe you should contact our office for professional representation. We will assist you on the legal issues so you can concentrate on continuing to sell and service cars.

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