Our satisfied clients are the backbone of our success and propel us to work harder to ensure success for every future client we serve. Below are just a few reviews from satisfied clients we've worked with over the years.

"His word is his bond."

"We were served by DMV with a hearing and they called our lenders and interrupted our business we were put on hold with 3 of our best lenders and our income had dropped 30 percent for 8 months 5 million gross sale per year off 30 present. After winning in DMV and case thrown out we regained those 3 lenders, thanks to Steve Stevenson and his legal team. THATS RESULTS! P.S. -His word is his bond - hard to find in this area! THANK YOU!" -NATIONAL AUTO SALES 1 HICKORY NC 

"...ethical, kind and a fighter."

"In todays day and age, it is rare you find someone or a company, who is ethical, kind, and a fighter. This law firm fights for what is right, and their endless dedication to resolving matters with ease and patience is not only something I admire, but someone I will support, advocate, and share! There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Stevenson and this firm. If you ever find yourself needing a professional attorney, I would hands down give you this recommendation.

They are beyond a 5 start rating, and if you need a strong, passionate fighter, Mr. Stevenson will hands down shake the ground of any opponent and be the force I dare anyone to reckon with.

Thank you for your outstanding service you give, your not just doing a job, you are changing lives."  - J. Rhodes

"Reputable, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and outstanding character."

- K. Dowell

"...persuasive speaker and a skilled writer."

"Steve combines his natural abilities with the law with his past business experience (notably in the automotive and consumer credit arenas) to provide real-life, understandable advice and counsel to his clients. He is a persuasive speaker and a skilled writer."  - Jim

"...Very insightful..."

"Ralph gave me very insightful instruction to my case and help me to found out a solution first before turning it into a law case. I hope everything would work out fine. Thank you for all your advice."  - Anonymous